Ikaria-Island, Greece, Silvester-New Year 2020-2021


Divine Blossom

Divine Blossom is coming it is close to your Heart.
It will bring up new Visions and Creations on Earth.

The Heart is fulfilment and joyful Grace.
It reflects all the shadows, which it then can embrace.

Divine Blossom is coming with heartful Grace.
It comes for those, who stand up for their Space.

The sacred Space is here for us all.
It realigns us to the Wisdom within our Hearts.

Divine Blossom is coming it is here for us Now.
It reminds us all to find back into the Sacred Flow.

© Gabriele Maria Sigg




Ikaria-Island, Greece, 2021


The Golden Temple

Golden is the Place.
Golden is the Time.
Golden is the Space.
Golden it is fine.

Golden is the Face.
Golden is the Line.
Golden it is Grace.
Golden is Divine.

Golden calls us back.
Golden asks us home.
Golden wants us here.
Golden is the Time.

© Gabriele Maria Sigg



Ikaria-Island, Greece, 2021


Divine Feeling

Divine Feeling is Breathing.
Divine Feeling is Being.

Divine Feeling is Seeing.
Divine Feeling is Now.

Divine Feeling is Sharing.
Divine Feeling is Flow.

Divine Feeling is Here and wants You to Know.

© Gabriele Maria Sigg




Ikaria-Island, Greece, February 2022